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UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A delightful original piece for lever or pedal harp.

Cherry Blossoms

INTERMEDIATE  PEDAL HARP.  An original pedal harp solo written in three-four time, key of G.  The song contains few accidentals, modulates to Bb on the second page and back to its original key on third page.

Meadows (Hp Duo)

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. This is a neat-soundingpiece! Lever or pedal harp duet. Modal key, basiccally C Lydian. Two scores included.

Sonatina in Classic Style

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. A pedal harp solo written for his wife's birthday! It is quick and charming, almost Mozartean.

Tango – Wienand

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Original solo with a haunting melody, in the key of F.

The Healing Harp

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Contemplative, reflective melodies.

Waves of Silver

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Two interesting modal pieces that set a reflective mood.

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