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Gentle Spirit

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Seven original songs, ethereal and almost French-sounding. Lovely melodies, good for background music and perfect for music therapy.

Interludes (Semmann)

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Revised March of 2010, we think this version is a little easier to read, and some of the notes are spread out a bit more for ease on the eyes. Notes have not been changed. The great thing about the new edition is that it contains an eighth interlude found in Mrs. Semman's files after her passing. This is the PDF download version. For hard-copy sheet music, see SKU 93364.


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This little book for little harps is written for harps with a range from G below middle C to the first A above treble staff. They are in the keys of C and G, requiring only the F# levers.


LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Five tunes, three of them original, (Capriccio, Eight Note Etude and Cantibile), and two are the folk songs (All the Pretty Little Horses and Skye Song) nicely arranged. Not difficult, well-written and soothing to play and hear.

Songs of the Spirit

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Nine original compositions, written in the same gentle and meditative spirit as her other beautiful compositions. Great for background music, worship, or therapeutic settings.

Spirit Dances

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Nine original compositions, playful, sensitive, thoughtful and well done. The melodies are lovely.

Spirit Wings

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Seven original songs, many times used in therapeutic playing, or for yoga.


LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Ten more compositions in the same beautiful prevailing style that makes Barbara's compositions so enchanting. These compositions are a bit more developed and demonstrate more rhythmic styles than some of Barbara's earlier pieces, and they are a bit more challenging.

Twin Lullabies

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Anya is in waltz time, has a flowing, single note melody and arpeggiated bass with a few chords, some grace notes. Alina is in 6/8 has a constantly moving bass line, and single note melody.

Wind and Flake

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Seven original compositions based on the poem by Robert Frost. These pieces, dedicated to an artist friend, are refreshingly new and in sharp keys. Using a variety of rhythms, each piece has a lovely preface.

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