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A Simple Noel

An arrangement by Rhett Barnwell based on the much-loved Christmas Carol “The First Noel”. It is designed as a relatively simple, yet poignant, arrangement, with unexpected harmonies and evocative chords, and a hint of Celtic flavor. In the key of C, with no lever changes, at an easy intermediate level. For PDF download version, see SKU E386.

Adoro Te Devote

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Beautiful and simple melody.  Begins with single notes, progresses to some drones, then into a full accompaniment.

Air on the G String

Air, from Suite No. 3, BWV 1068 – This piece, sometimes known as “Air on the G string” is one of Bach’s most popular and often requested pieces for weddings and other occasions.

Amazing Grace

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. In the key of C, this arrangement begins with just the melody line of the right hand playing harmonics. A simple left hand is added for verse 2.

Andante Cantabile (Hp/Organ)

ALL HARPS + ORGAN, INTERMEDIATE - One of the most beautiful and poignant pieces by J.S. Bach, arranged here for the first time for lever or pedal harp and organ by Rhett Barnwell.

Aria “Laschia ch’io pianga” from Rinaldo

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A reverent piece in 3/4, key of D with G# accidentals.

Aria in Classic Style

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Lever harp arrangement of this famous piece by Marcel Grandjany.

Arioso (Bach)

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Intermediate arrangement of this beloved J.S. Bach piece in the key of G with pedal/lever changes on C's and F's.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba (Handel)

Dramatic piece by Handel, well known as the violin piece from "Four Weddings and a Funeral".

Ave Maria (Schubert/Barnwell)

INTERMEDIATE, LEVER HARPS. The Schubert piece arranged in an accessible manner for lever harp.

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