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Beside Still Waters

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    This 79 page book is filled with calm and soothing music..The reverent music can be played anywhere. It is music for mediation, worship and healing.

Christmas Joy!

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    A collection of eleven joyful and festive Christmas Music arranged by Joanna Mell.

Come Ye Back

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A collection of timeless Irish melodies arranged in Joanna's inimitable and interesting style.

Four Celtic Songs Book

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + VOICE   Four Celtic Songs by Joanna Mell is a collection of four original songs in the ancient Irish harper's tradition of three styles. The arrangements are set up in solo and duet versions.

J.S. Bach for Lever Harp

ALL HARPS -  A collection of beloved pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, edited for the lever (traditional) harp.  INTERMEDIATE.  This product is only available as a PDF download.

Modal Meditations Mell

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A sequel to "Modal Musings" SKU 82630, this book provides variety of arpeggios and musical phrases to enhance the musician's repertoire for spontaneous composition.


UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This music is ideal for the therapeutic harpist or for the worship musician.

Peaceful Christmas

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Arangements that are simple and elegant, not requiring a lot of range.

Peaceful Classics

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Ten familiar classical pieces done in two formats: easy and a little more challenging.

Peaceful Pieces for Small Harps

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    This book contains all the pieces from "Peaceful Pieces" volumes 1 & 2, which have been edited for small harps with ranges from low C to high high C.

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