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The Double Strung Harp

INTERMEDIATE DOUBLE-STRUNG HARP   A tremendous welcome to the repertoire available to modern harpists. The double-strung harp, consisting of two parallel rows of strings, continues to gain popularity.

The Double-Strung Harp Beginner’s Book

INTERMEDIATE, DOUBLE-STRUNG HARP.  This book, meticulously crafted by Beth Kollé and Laurie Riley, is filled with short exercises and excellent descriptions and drawings. Even though this book assumes the reader is a beginner, it does not cover note-reading.

Wedding Music for the Lever Harp

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This book by Beth Kollé and Laurie Riley contains a variety of classic, traditional, and folk music, some pieces you will recognize as "standards", and some you may never have heard before.

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