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Carols of Christmas arranged for the Clarsach

MIXED LEVELS, WIRE-STRUNG HARP. Thirty enjoyable Christmas carols intended for a harp strung with metal strings or any long-ringing harp. The arrangements represent a variety of styles and abilities, from late beginner to advanced.

Dead Poet’s Society Theme

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Sylvia Woods performed this piece on a metal-strung harp for the movie soundtrack. Composed by Maurice Jarre.

Early Music for Wire Harp

INTERMEDIATE WIRE-STRUNG HARP    Arranged to be played mainly in the fixed hand position. The small staff at the beginning of each piece tells what strings to play.

From My Music Stand

INTERMEDIATE WIRE-STRUNG HARP. A couple of jigs, some strathspeys, reels, marches, and oh! yes, a few airs. To create this book, Cynthia Cathcart chose 18 favorite tunes from the music that resides on her music stand.

Heartstone PDF

WIRE HARP -A delightful collection of compositions by Hilary de Vries, arranged and notated by Bill Taylor. Suitable for both solo and group playing and for various levels of ability.

Pathway Wire Primer

A tutorial for beginning the study of the wire strung harp of Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. The student is led on a journey into the basic techniques for playing the clarsach.

The Wire Harp Primer

INTERMEDIATE WIRE-STRUNG HARP. There is nothing quite like the sound of a wire strung harp, and though the tradition of ancient harping was thoroughly broken during the troubles that afflicted Ireland under British rule, we still have the instrument.

Traditional Beginnings for Celtic Harp

METHOD BOOK FOR WIRE-STRUNG HARP. A well thought out book, for those who play wire harp and have no teacher (a common situation). Intended for newcomers to the wire strung harp, or any harp that is long-ringing. For the very beginner.

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