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Chants for Peace PDF

CHANTING FOR PEACE Meditative Chants by Linda Larkin with Texts from Hebrew, Christian and Islamic Traditions Correlating with Chanting for Peace CD and Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace By John Philip Newell This beautiful collection of meditative chants was composed by Santa Fe musician Linda Larkin. It contains 3 chants with texts from the Psalms which have descants in Hebrew, 3 chants from Matthew with Aramaic descants and 3 chants from the Koran with Arabic descants. Thus Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions are included. The chants are recorded on the CD Chanting for Peace and correlate with Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace by author John Philip Newell. Examples of texts used are “Come to me, you who are weary, carrying heaven burdens and I will give you rest” from Matthew and “For every soul there is a Guardian watching it” from the Koran. Musical

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Comfort Music

ALL HARP INTERMEDIATE - Each title has a picture, historical explanation and interesting notes about the time period or the composer. A lovely collection, well edited. From ancient to modern time periods. The Golden Lyre of Apollo Lough Sheeling The King of Love My Shepherd Is Prison Song Barbara Allen La Folia Canon in D Sheep May Safely Graze David of the White Rock Menuet Le Retour Sonata in A Schubert's Lullaby Santa Lucia Star of the County Down Kathleen Mavourneen Boat Medley Spanish Romance Sakura The Sun Sets Behind the Forest America Detroit Blues Through the Mist

Cradle of Sound

REFERENCE BOOK. A 600 page book which covers History, Pioneers of Hospice, Sound Healing both historically and present, the topic of What is Harp Therapy?

Good Vibrations, Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp

There's a lifetime of knowledge in just the first six pages of this book! Provides a fundamental understanding of the history and principles of harp therapy, vibroacoustic therapy and VAHT (Vibroacoustic harp therapy.)

Healing Harps Ensemble Bk I

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Lovely and varied, these great ensembles are easily accessible to mixed ensembles, beginner to intermediate. The Water is Wide also has an added bonus: a flute part!

Healing Harps Ensemble Bk II

ALL HARPS BEGINNER THROUGH INTERMEDIATE - soothing ensembles from various composers.

Healing Harps Ensemble Bk III

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Efforts have been made to ensure all these arrangements will provide an opportunity for each player to succeed! Great for mixed levels or advanced ensembles who need material with a minimum of effort.

Healing Harps Ensemble Bk IV

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Great for mixed levels or advanced ensembles who need material with a minimum of effort. Lever and pedal changes have been minimized to simplify the arrangements, best accomplished on full-range harp. All songs in this book are done as trios. Most selections would make terrific prelude or quiet time music for worship services.

Illuminations/Healing Music

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A great selection of original compositions (except Claire de Lune by C. Debussy) for harp or piano. It focuses on creating moods with modal music and bringing therapeutic comfort to patients. The compositions each have several arrangements for both the small lap harp and the larger floor harp.133 pgs.

Lacrimosa de Maria

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS - HARP SOLO OR WITH VOICE. [revised November 2013] Contains 2 pieces, both appropriate for meditation.  A minor with a G# lever change. Scroll down for SOUND SAMPLES.

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