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Cradle of Sound

REFERENCE BOOK. A 600 page book which covers History, Pioneers of Hospice, Sound Healing both historically and present, the topic of What is Harp Therapy?

Good Vibrations, Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp

There's a lifetime of knowledge in just the first six pages of this book! Provides a fundamental understanding of the history and principles of harp therapy, vibroacoustic therapy and VAHT (Vibroacoustic harp therapy.)

Healing Harps Ensemble Bk IV

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Great for mixed levels or advanced ensembles who need material with a minimum of effort. Lever and pedal changes have been minimized to simplify the arrangements, best accomplished on full-range harp. All songs in this book are done as trios. Most selections would make terrific prelude or quiet time music for worship services.

Illuminations/Healing Music

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A great selection of original compositions (except Claire de Lune by C. Debussy) for harp or piano. It focuses on creating moods with modal music and bringing therapeutic comfort to patients. The compositions each have several arrangements for both the small lap harp and the larger floor harp.133 pgs.

Plainsong Meditations

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP.  Haunting and beautiful melodies from a collection of early French monastery chants. Intermediate pedal harp.

Play the Therapy Harp

INSTRUCTION BOOK   The term "therapy harp" is used to describe any small harp that is suitable for playing for therapeutic purposes for yourself or others. Laurie’s new book, "Play the Therapy Harp" is a combination of many modes of the beginning harp experience.

The Gift of Healing Modes

INSTRUCTION BOOK. An unprecedented perspective on the healing nature of Western modes, The Gift of Healing Modes empowers the musician with seven clear and distinct scales each with their own unlimited shades of musical color.

The Healer’s Way Companion V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Print version of the scores from the popular recording, The Healer’s Way Volume I -- Soothing Music for Those in Pain.

The Healer’s Way, Vol 1 CD

COMPACT DISC   Solo lever harp. Medieval chant, ancient melodies and Celtic music create a serene and therapeutic audio-sensual experience.

The Healer’s Way, Vol 2 CD

COMPACT DISC   Solo lever harp. The natural harmonic tones of the ancient harp captures the healing potential that penetrates through mental discomfort and muscle tension.

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