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Cherished Moments

ALL HARPS, INTERMEDIATE. If people like Sunset, they'll love this!

Dance of the Butterflies

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This is a fun, lively piece in 6/8, and in G major.

Dancing Clouds

ALL HARPS EASY -  a happy tune with an introduction of glissandos, and an ending of glissandos,

Deck the Halls/O Christmas Tree Duet

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. A lively duet sure to delight any audience.

Easy Livin’

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Just as the name suggests, a slow and relaxed harp solo.

Elegance – Slavens

EASY TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARP. Eb Major with simple arpeggios.

Garden Splendor

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Lovely melody, rich full chords, harpistic techniques to add color and texture. Also available as a download, SKU E718.

Green Sleeves Harp Trio JS PDF

EASY TO INTERMEDIATE FOR HARP TRIO - Parts 1 and 3 are arpeggiated and Part 2 is quite easy.

Heart’s Desire

ALL HARPS, EASY. Heart's Desire has no accidentals and is written for the late beginner.

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