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ADVANCED BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS – A beautiful, stately, Renaissance Christmas hymn in D minor. This is the PDF download version.

Moon Over the Pagoda

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Striking for recitals of background music.

Notre Dame

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP – A stately, hymn-like tribute to the beautiful gothic cathedral in Paris. An original composition, Notre Dame creates a meditative mood.

She Moved Through the Fair

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Perfect for a St. Patrick's Day gig or recital.

The Princess Takes a Stroll

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Lovely for recital or background music.

Waltz for Louise

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP - A jazzy waltz in C for pedal harp, featuring pedal slides, slap bass, glissandi, muffles and harmonics. An original composition inspired by Louise Trotter.

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