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Celtic Echoes

INTERMEDIATE,  ALL HARPS   Excellent repertoire and arrangements. Most of the tunes are in the key of G, a few in D, one in A, and one in F. There are a few lever changes here and there.

Gaelic Gems

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Twelve traditional pieces, hornpipes, jigs, and airs arranged in a very harpistic and playable style with ornaments, chords, and harmonics. Some accidentals, keys of G, Bb, and D.  This is the PDF download version. For the hard-copy paper book, see SKU 91041.

Old Favs

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS, SPECIFICALLY LAP HARPS  Simple and familiar tunes, mostly American folk, all in the key of C, that many of us grew up singing and playing. Exercises and lyrics included.

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