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Exploring the Folk Harp

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. An in-depth book covering such topics as choosing a harp, how to play and sing with harp, developing personal style and technique, improvisation, arranging, and history. Also contains 40+ traditional Celtic and American songs with lyrics, English Renaissance works, and some classical selections.

Falling to Heaven CD

COMPACT DISC  Fifteen favorites, arranged with accompaniment.


5 HARPS, 2 CAN BE LEVER, INTERMEDIATE Composer: Georges Bizet Commissioned for the 2016 AHS Conference in Atlanta. This very well known composition will both challenge and delight both player and audience. Images of the score are provided.  The piece is not difficult to play, but the counting and accidentals will prove worthy of practice. Composed as incidental music to Alphonse Daudet's "L'Arlésienne" (a play.) A girl is loved by a young peasant. He discovers her infidelity and starts to go crazy. His family tries to help to no avail, and he jumps off a balcony. It was first performed in 1872 in Paris.

Folk Harp Journal Sheet Music CD

MIXED LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Contains all the sheet music from the first 100 issues of the Folk Harp Journal (170 songs). This is not an audio CD but rather a computer CD with printable pages of sheet music and instruction in PDF format, so people can look at the music on the computer screen and print out whatever they like.

Good Vibrations, Principles of Vibroacoustic Harp

There's a lifetime of knowledge in just the first six pages of this book! Provides a fundamental understanding of the history and principles of harp therapy, vibroacoustic therapy and VAHT (Vibroacoustic harp therapy.)

Graded Recital Pieces 1-5 & Haiku CD

EASY PEDAL HARP, COMPACT DISC. This CD contains the music from the Graded Recital Pieces Volumes 1-5 by Linda Wood and Susann McDonald.  It also contains the selections found in Haiku for the Harp.

Gurl’s Guide to Amplification PDF

A Fun How-To Guide to Amplification for Beginners With a Special Focus on Amplifying Harps. (Download Version) 2nd Edition!

Harmony Singing V 1

Also titled "How to sing harmonies off the top of your head". A companion CD with 42 exercises, songs, and quizzes is also included. Verlene Schermer has drawn upon her years of teaching private students and presenting workshops and classes to shape the contents of this book.

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