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28 Tunes from “Dancing Master”

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. 28 Dance tunes from the Playford Collection with detailed fingerings and editing.  Easy to read, excellent arrangements by Dewey Owens!

50 Irish Melodies

EASY TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. 50 favorite melodies, essential around St. Patrick's Day.

A Change in Time

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS Mesmerizing to play, here is an original solo for all harps in the key of F with constant time signature changes.

A Little Angel

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + VOICE A big sound for little harps - for 26-string harps and more.

America’s Sung Heritage

ALL HARPS - LEAD SHEET - a wonderful collection of American tunes!

Beatles for Folk Harp

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  22 songs arranged for folk harp, written on a double-treble grand staff (two staff lines, both treble clef), and playable on 22-string or larger harps.

Butterflies on Sunflowers PDF

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - This piece does not have any lever or pedal changes. RH represents the butterflies and LH represents the sunflowers. Duet and solo. Pure yellow — the most cheering of all colors — represents creativity and playfulness. PDF download only.

Caribbean Medley

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  This cute medley consists of Yellow Bird, Jamaican Farewell, and Jamaican Rumba.

Colors of Italy

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   If you like the music of Frank Voltz, you will absolutely love this collection.

Dance of the Harps

INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS.  This haunting piece was commissioned for the opening of a new 2000-seat concert facility, Strathmore Music Hall, in Bethesda, Maryland.  

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