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EASY, ALL HARPS. This is a study of ear training through melodic development. Small melodic fragments from familiar nursery rhymes, folk, patriotic and hymns tunes are used. The numbers 1 through 7 are used instead of using “Do, Re, Mi…” to identify the notes in the scale. Melodies are categorized by range, beginning with a range of only three notes, progressing through a total of nine categories. Skills in ear training are highly useful to musicians who might be asked to take requests at hotels, parties and restaurants, or those involved in harp therapy. With the melodic fragments that are the focus of study, performance by ear can be highly strengthened and developed. 80 pages. EASY LEVER HARP.

10 Morceaux sur des themes du Moyen Age

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + ENSEMBLE.  The title of this book translates to:  10 Pieces on topics of the Middle Ages. It contains 10 pieces that range from very easy to intermediate (not lower or upper, just intermediate).

10 Pieces for Solo Harp (Tournier)

UPPER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP. Carl Swanson edited each piece to clarify how each piece should be played as the composer intended.

10 Piéces variées

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. French songs, composed for lever harp, intermediate level in the keys of C, A, G Bb and F

12 Etudes Melodiques Galais

ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. Challenging etudes for lever or pedal harp. One has 4 flats, several are in A. Quite a few lever changes.

12 Old Hymns for Harp and Flute

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + FLUTE Excellent repertoire! These favorite hymns can be played on full range lever harp or pedal harp. Key signatures range from D to F. Lever changes are indicated. Easily sight readable by the advanced harpist. Joyce Weaver is a talented arranger of music for harp and other instruments. She has a built in family ensemble that enjoys playing together, and has been doing so for many many years. Her ensemble performs time and again in a variety of locations throughout the northern half of the United States. These arrangements were her first publications, originally in two books. They were immediately successful and well received. INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Table of Contents: Just as I Am (key of C), I Will Arise and Go to Jesus (key of G), Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (key of D), I Come with Joy to Meet My Lord (key of

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