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Windmill Road Duet PDF

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE DUET OR INTERMEDIATE/BEGINNER TRIO – a new original slow reel. PDF download version only.


A new original slow reel which is available as a duet for two intermediate harpists or a trio for two intermediate harps and one beginner. With 3 sharps in the key signature, there are no lever changes in the piece, but the time signature has an easy change from simple quadruple, to simple triple (with some triplets for the intermediate parts) and back to simple quadruple again.

Most of Anna Dunwoodie’s arrangements are available only in PDF download format. Because she lives in New Zealand, shipping would be very expensive, so we offer you the convenience of PDF download on this arrangement. You will receive an e-mail with a link for you to click and download. We suggest saving in a folder on your computer, and backing it up.

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