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Un bal à la campagne

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP. A suite of dances for pedal harp.


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A challenging dance suite of music by this award winning composer loved by harpists the world over. There are 12 selections. INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP.

Promenade  – easy, one page in 6/8.

Valse Musette – lower intermediate, 3/4, thee pages, left hand fairly busy

Paso Doble – quick, 16th notes in right hand, full chords in right hand, requires good technique, intermediate

Promenade – repeat of first dance

Bossa nova – upper intermediate, pedal changes, tricky left hand, right hand full chords

Madison – cool but tricky rhythms, pedal changes, accents, rhythmic

Tango – quarter note at 63, key change, pedal changes, right hand octaves

Java – quick, left hand single notes (not letting that fool me)

Promenade – same as first dance

Slow – in 12/8 with steady left hand of dotted quarters throughout

Country Dance – quick with left hand stride bass type

Promenade – same as the first dance

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