Turlough O'Carolan

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. From the arranger: “Over the years I have learned many melodies by O’Carolan and have come to appreciate and love his genius.”


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From the arranger: Over the years I have learned many melodies by O’Carolan and have come to appreciate and love his genius.  His music is composed in several styles reflecting the musical mood of the day; you can hear the old style music in the Fairy Queen and Elizabeth MacDermott Roe, you can hear jigs and reels in Maggie Brown and Loftus Jones, and you can hear Continental influences in Morgan Magan and the “Concerto”. Whenever I play background music, I find myself drown to O’Caralan – it just sits nicely under the conversation, as wall as sounding brilliant when people are listening.

This is an eclectic collection, and you will not find some of the more common tunes here, because there are plenty of books with them already, and I only included the ones where I thought I had something different to say.

Lady athenry, George Brabazon first air, Isabella Burke, Planxty Burke, Bridget Cruise third air, Planxty Drew, Lady Gethin, Dr. John Hart, Baptist Johnston, Loftus Jones, Mrs. Judge, Mabel Kelly, Elizabeth MacDermott Roe, Morgan Magan, Constantine Maguire, Miss Murphy, Miss Noble, Mr. O’Connor, Michael O’Connor, Hugh O’Donnell, Kean O’Hara first air, Kean O’Hara third air, Captain O’Kane, Mary O’Neill, Fanny Poer, Arthur Shaen, Dr. John Stafford (aka O’Carolan’s Receipt), O’Carolan’s Welcome, Planxty Safaigh, Planxy Maggie Brown, Blind Mary, O’Carolan’s Dream, Fairy Queen, Si Bheag Si Mhor, Lament for Terrance MacDonough, Squire Woods Lamentation.

Included in the beginning of the book are many notes – very helpful! This book comes with a performance CD!

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