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INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This fun crowd-pleaser is for lever or pedal harp. Rhythmic with syncopation.


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This fun crowd-pleaser is for lever or pedal harp. Rhythmic with syncopation. Fun to both play and listen to. Key of A minor, adaptable for 29-string harp, requires G# lever.  Michael Clive wrote the following about Tico Tico:

The song “Tico-Tico,” an enduring international hit, was composed in 1917 by Zequinha de Abreu, a Portuguese émigré to Brazil. But its global popularity, launched in Hollywood, came later. Dating from a 1937 movie, Ethel Smith’s performance of an arrangement for theater organ sold more than two million copies worldwide. A decade later, in Copacabana, the “Brazilian Bombshell” Carmen Miranda sang it opposite Groucho Marx and made a sensation with Hollywood-ized lyrics about a hot date and a cuckoo clock, spurring more than forty American-style covers. But in Brazilian music, which does not exile pop forms from classical traditions, “Tico-Tico” is actually a choro — a song form that typically shrugs off misfortune with good humor, good tunes and fast tempos. The title refers to a bird that got into the cornmeal, but we can imagine the same kind of grousing over morning coffee at the office. “Tico-Tico”’s catchy, emphatically syncopated rhythm is irresistible, and still lends itself to virtuosic arrangements for every conceivable solo instrument and ensemble, from finger-tangling guitar transcriptions to full-on symphonic arrangements. As with Viennese waltzes, the critical challenge is to capture that elusive rhythm with orchestral precision.

The above paragraph was found at https://utahsymphony.org/explore/2019/08/abreu-tico-tico-no-fuba/

Reinhardt Elster (1914 – 2015) was a gifted conductor and musician, comfortable on multiple instruments. He had an outstanding freelance career in New York, when a friend suggested he audition for the Metropolitan Opera. He was offered the position and remained for 10 years, receiving much adulation from composers and performers alike

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