The Mitch Landy CD (The Plague Sessions)

A broad selection of 20 of Landy’s works, giving you a great scope of his talents.  This is a CD.  It is downloadable as mp3 files.  Read the full description for all the titles and the performers.


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Performed by Alyssa Reit, Amelia Romano, Dan Levitan and Mitch Landy.

Mitch Landy has broadened lever harp repertoire, composing and arranging unique music; some very sweet, some powerful, and some very interesting and spiritual.

These were recorded during April – September of 2020, and thus subtitled “The Plague Sessions”.

1 Autumn Reverie, from “Two Watercolors” Alyssa Reit
2 Prelude #1, from “Five Diatonic Pieces” Amelia Romano
3 Prelude #2, “ “ Amelia Romano
4 Prelude #3, “ “ Amelia Romano
5 Prelude #4, “ “ Amelia Romano
6 Boogeyman’s Blues, from “Spooky Tunes” Amelia Romano
7 Will O’ the Wisp “ “ Alyssa Reit
8 Goblins Round Dance “ “ Amelia Romano
9 Kora Amelia Romano
10 River of Dreams, from “Lullabies” Amelia Romano
11 Farewell “Two Lyric Pieces” Alyssa Reit
12 Reverie “ Alyssa Reit
13 Eliza Stands on her Head, from “Portraits” Alyssa Reit
14 Sandra “ “ Alyssa Reit
“American Folk Song Suite:” Dan Levitan
15 Part 1 – Streets of Laredo, The Water is Wide, Hop High Ladies
16 Part 2 – Simple Gifts, Wayfaring Stranger, Barbara Allen
17 Part 3 – Green Rocky Road, Old Paint, Shenandoah
18 Bolero, from “Spanish Suite” Mitch Landy
19 Españoleta “ Mitch Landy
20 Spanish Dance Mitch Landy

This product is a series of mp3 downloads. The sheet music is available at, and other stores that sell harp print music, including and Sheet Music Plus.


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