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The Singing Tree

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Eleven original melodies written in the same easy-going style of Sharon Thormahlen’s other two books, “A Rose in Winter” and “Where the Fingers Fall”.



Eleven original melodies. Three songs are in Eb (three flats), one in Bb (two flats), one in F (one flat), two songs in C, three in G (one sharp), and one in the key of D (two sharps). Chords are listed above the top staff for those who like to improvise or have another instrument, such as guitar, play along. Glissandoes can be found in Nanolu O Kohola. A Walk in the Woods is a duet for two harps. Harp one is melody line only, so could be played by a rank beginner with no difficulty, as well as flute, violin, hammered dulcimer, etc.

Table of Contents:
The Dragon King Round (this tune also has words), In the Wind, The Mossy Glade, Moon Drifting, Nanolu A Kahola, A Walk in the Woods, Queen Anne’s Lace, Pepperoni, The Wolf at the Big Odell, Waltz Around with Rosie, and the title song, The Singing Tree

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