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Lulled: Classics Lullaby Ens.

INTERMEDIATE DUO or TRIO, ALL HARPS – Has some lever changes. Includes Golden Slumbers, Rocking Song, The Sandman. Duet and Trio.


The Lullaby Set (Trio and Duet) arr. Anna Dunwoodie

The famous Brahms and Schubert lullabies, introduced and then finished with a snippet from an equally famous traditional lullaby. For intermediate harp players

Golden Slumbers, for intermediate harp players, includes some lever changes.

The Rocking Song (a carol) for trio and The Sandman, by Brahms for duo.

Includes scores for Lulled, Golden Slumbers, Rocking Song and The Sandman, and parts for all arrangements

Includes scores and parts.


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