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Harpy Halloween

EASY, ALL HARPS.  Fantastic recital pieces!  Hilarious lyrics!  Music to spook into the fall season!


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Fantastic recital pieces!  Hilarious lyrics!  Music to spook into the fall season!  Great pedagogical tool teaching many of the “cool” special effects that can be done on harp including paper in the strings, tuning key slide, vibrato on the strings and “Hooting” like an Owl in the back of  harp! Includes Special Effects Tools in back of book: Screwdriver, Cloth, Paper and 5 Plastic spirals. Also a CD and chart with over 30 symbols and explanations. BEGINNER, ALL HARPS.


Songs titles: 
  1. Trick or Treating
2. Old Black Cat
3. What Will You Be?
4. Witches
5. Hairy Scary Little Bat
6. Halloween March
7. Wizards
8. Ghost Attack
9. Dizzy Vampires
10. Jack O’Lanterns
11. Dancing Skeletons
12. Haunted House
13. Flight of the Owl

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