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Gloria for Harp and Handbells

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP + HANDBELLS . This piece can be played year-round but is especially nice at Christmas or Easter. The harp part can also be played on full-range lever harp by leaving out the notes which are accidentals as they also occur in the bell part. Comes only in a set of 11 bells, conductor score and harp part. Listen to the performance on our sound file!



The original “Gloria” was composed for solo harp (lever or pedal), but Mr. Voltz heard it in his head with handbells. When the New Philadelphia Moravian Church handbell choir commissioned him to create a piece of music, he was thrilled to take the opportunity to arrange this piece for harp and handbells. It is for pedal harp with minimal pedal changes but is also playable on lever harp if one leaves out the accidentals. Those notes are already covered by the handbells. The set only comes in a package which includes conductor’s score, harp part, and 11 handbell parts. The parts are not sold separately. You can download the live performance by clicking on the download tab.  Enjoy!!

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