English Folk Songs - Semmann

EASY, ALL HARPS. Two related tunes, written with gentle harmonies.



Set 1: Country Gardens, Lost Lady Found: Two related tunes, written gentle harmonies. Country Gardens has a boom-chick type left hand accompaniment that sometimes jumps into the treble for one note harmony with melody. Right hand is all single notes. Lost Lady Found has left hand alternating between single note harmonies below single note melody line and three-note cords. Melody has three sixteenth-note runs toward the end, otherwise mostly quarter note passages. EASY, ALL HARPS.

Set 2: O Waly Waly, Greensleeves:  Greensleeves has a moving bass line up till an interlude section where it changes to open fifths. Melody is mostly single notes, with a few dramatic chords thrown in. O Waly, Waly is presented with a mostly single note melody and open 6th and 3rds in the left hand. There is some arpeggiation of the bass line on second page.

Both sets on 11 x 17 format, two pages each.

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