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EARLY ADVANCED, ALL HARPS. Lilting, modern, energizing music, requiring a preset A# pedal.


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4 Pieces for lever or pedal harp. #1 Andantino (quarter = 80) in C, 2 pages, quite a few 16th notes and many extended 7th ad 9th harmonies. Straightforward rhythms, no accidentals. #2 Molto moderate (dotted quarter = 66), goes back and forth between 6/8 ad 9/8. Lilting, some single notes, some 3-note chords, no large/difficult chords, in Dm without accidentals. #3 Allegretto (quarter = 96) – a modern harmony waltz with preset levers and pedals, fun to play. #4 – Allegro ma non troppo, mostly single notes but quick, preset levers or pedals for a modern harmony sound. Requires preset A#. Energizing music. INT  TO ADV LEVER OR PEDAL

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