Canyon Song

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Ten beautiful melodies appropriate for either harp or piano.  Some are haunting, all are lovely.



Ten pieces that fall under the description of mysterious, beautiful, compelling.  Lovely original compositions that generally have a moving Left Hand with cross-unders and overs, thus categorized as intermediate.  There are a few lever changes and tricky spots.  As editor of some of Mr. Mahan’s music, I have played them on piano when the harp was not available, and they sound equally as good on both instruments. You can take liberties with these tunes, slowing down as needed, and arpeggiating chords freely.

Canyon Springtime
Canyon Canon
Canyon Carol
Canyon Explorers
Canyon Theme
Canyon Ghosts
Canyon Prayer
Canyon Waltz
Canyon Memories
Canyon Starlight


As written, the canon is not playable in round form, but if you use just the melody and chord structure, you have a nice canon.

You can purchase the book with CD, SKU 70893BCD.  The music on the CD is performed at a slow pace for practice purposes.  It is played by Mary Radspinner on a Casio PX 150 piano.  You are additionally given the alternate playing in Canyon Explorers (2 measures are easier on piano, so a harp version is given).  Also the Waltz is presented twice, slowly as written and then a quick waltz with improvised left hand.

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