Can You Feel the Love Tonight

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Angi scores a hit with this love song from the Disney Lion King movie/musical.


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Angi scores a hit with this love song from the Disney Lion King movie/musical. No introduction, but a nice ending on this one. The right hand carries a single line melody until the second ending when sixths on the bottom are added and a first inversion triad ends the entire piece. The left hand has a repeating motif throughout. If someone sings along, the key of C version would be best suited to a tenor range (or alto singing one octave lower than written). The Eb version can easily accommodate a soprano. Chords above the treble line are added for those who would like to improvise or add a guitarist or other accompanying instrument. Lower intermediate level, very sight-readable. LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS

Arrangements by Angi Bemiss are easy to read, easy to play and well loved by many harpists and harpers.

The single arrangements are presented in the keys of C and Eb. You receive both keys. This is to accommodate lever harps tuned in either C or Eb.

Angi’s arrangements are intermediate or lower intermediate, and they are sight-readable by advanced harpists and some are sight-readable by intermediate harpists. Despite their simplicity they sound full. The melody is clear, and the harmonies are accurate and supportive of the beautiful melodies Angi chooses to arrange.

These selections are very usable by harpists for many different types of occasions, including background music, weddings, funerals, meditations, sacred services, hospital and hospice work. We highly recommend all of the music arranged by Angi Bemiss.

To see all of the music of Angi Bemiss on our web site, please type BEMISS into the search engine, top right. A long list will generate, including her singles, spiral bound books, and KISS wedding collection.

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