All Tangled Up

EARLY TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS.  Four original solos for Celtic Harp composed by Laura Zaerr.


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Four solos for Celtic Harp composed by Laura Zaerr. EARLY TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS.

Wide Eyed Waltz: 5 pages in length, key of G, quarter note = 130, lilting and not note heavy

Tangled Mango: lever changes, melodic variations, pdlt, 6 pages, challenging

Standing in the Dark: a reflective piece, half note = 44, somewhat meditative, lever changes, interpretively challenging

Gone South: The description in the front of the book says Gone South is all about contrasts. The jaunty complex rhythm which forms the main theme is derived from the interplay between two against three.  Melodies and base lines are in contrary motion.  At a point, the piece takes a lyrical turn for parts unknown.  The ensuing austere hymn-like middle section uses the playful opening rhythm as a background.  This hymn-like tune is repeated three times with increasing intensity until the structure reaches a final crescendo, only to fall into a pianissimo return of the opening material. 10 pages, challenging.

Can also be played on pedal harp – pedal changes are provided.

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