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All Around the World

ALL HARPS AND MELODY INSTRUMENTS – LEAD SHEET – a marvelous collection of tunes from around the world.


All Around the World a collection of 74 folk songs in lead sheet format. Just as certain foods can be the comforting “taste” of a culture, music can be its
comforting “sound”. Adding a sprinkling of music from around the world to your repertoire will offer unexpected moments of delight to those listening. For those who
play in a therapeutic music setting, a familiar folk song can bring a sense of nostalgia to a person in pain or discomfort.

The “All Around the World” collection grew from living and working in a large, culturally diverse city and reflects music that I found useful there. Decades of playing
steady engagements in Chicago proved over and over that hearing music from one’s homeland offers great comfort to those who have moved to a new culture. Whether the
move is to another part of our country, or another part of the world, regional and local music is a big part of what makes our native land feel like home.

This collection was created with lever harpists in mind, but can be useful to a wide variety of other instrumentalists. Lever harp friendly keys have been chosen with lever
presets and lever changes indicated in most of the selections.

Because folk music is an oral tradition, it’s very possible that you may know slightly different versions of some of these tunes. Feel free to alter the melodies, harmonies or
rhythms to reflect the version with which you most strongly identify. Find recordings of the songs you don’t know and work to understand them as well as possible before you
share them with those for whom these are cultural staples.

I hope “All Around the World” inspires you to seek out songs from other cultures. Native music brings joy to ears from afar, wistful for familiar sounds. Even those in their
adopted land for decades will be appreciative of your effort to personalize your music to their heritage.


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