A Scottish Boat Song Medley

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Seven boat songs with bridge sections using hints from other boat songs.
Contains: Highland Boat Song, Arran Boat Song, Iona Boat Song, Skye Boat Song, Mingulay Boat Song, Unst Boat Song, Loch Tay Boat Song.


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From Thom Dutton: “These seven boat songs may be played individually or as a medley. If you’re going to play a single tune, take the ending marked Fine. If you wish to go on to the following tune, skip the Fine ending and play the ending marked Bridge which will lead you to the next tune. The medley may be started or ended at any point in the collection.

Please pardon the poor scans – we’ll get better ones soon!

You may recognize hints and phrases from the tunes “Nis o rinneadh ar taghadh” and “Rowing from Islay to Uist” in a couple of the bridge sections, giving a sense eof journey to the medley. Rolling bass lines are used to imitate ocean waves.

As always, fingerings and dynamics are suggested, but they are nothing more than that, suggestions. If an alternate fingering is more comfortable for you, please use it, and feel free to interpret the tunes as you feel them. Happy Sailing!”

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