50 Short Pieces for all Harps

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Fifty original melodies with varying styles.




This is Aiga Helmer’s fourth book, brimming with new musical ideas. Chords are found above the melody line for those who like to improvise their own left hand accompaniments. Also useful for playing with another musician. Accidentals are clearly marked. Moonlit Night has a duet part for harp and bells or xylophone (or another combination of your preference).

Combining some pieces to create a suite is another possibility for creativity. Ms. Helmer suggests queueing Walking in the Woods with Minerva and Ode to Spring or Margareta plus Menuett #11 and Menuett #8. See what other medleys you can come up with! Most songs are single page, 54 pages in all.

CONTAINS:Aiga’s Landler #3, Adriana, Allemande #5, Amelia, Carmencita, Castle Ruins, Catalina, Cecilia, Dance of the Water Nymphs, Dance Study#5, Dancing on the Rainbow, Dancing till Midnight, Daydreaming, Dewdrops, Elegy for a Loved One, Euterpe, Fata Morgana, Fortuna, Giannina, Harvest Moon, Jubilate, Landler #14, Landler #15, Lucia, Lucinda, Margareta, Martina, Menuett #8, Menuett #11, Minerva (Processional), Miranda, Moonlit Night (+ Bells), Nightfall, Nocturne #6, Nocturne #7, Ode to Spring, Paloma, Processional #7, Ramona, Rondo#3, Schottischer (Dance), Serenade #3, Serenade #4, Snow Flakes, Song of Sorrow, Sunset, Tatjana, Triplet – Serenade, Valery, Walking through the Woods.

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