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A Folk Harp Reaching Out

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Music fro the "Further" CD, released May 2016. These tunes work best on a full-range harp with full levers, tuned to Eb. Of course, the songs can be tweaked to accommodate a harp with smaller range. Pedal harpists have all chromatics at the touch of a toe, so no problems there!

Folk Harp Getting Around

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Originals and arrangements of time-honored pieces for a 36-string folk harp without lever changes.

Folk Harp Going Places

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. For the 36-string harp with Eb tuning. Original pieces from the arranger's CDs.

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How To Play The Cross-Strung Harp

INTERMEDIATE CROSS-STRUNG HARP. 97 packed pages that include fully fingered technical exercises in twenty-four keys (to 6 sharps and 6 flats), an illustrated guide to cross-strung hand positions.

Lap Harp Standing Tall

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Beautiful and challenging music without lever changes, excellent for all harps and also lovely on piano. This music can be played on harps with as few as 19 strings.

Small Harp Finding Beauty

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Traditional favorites from Albania, Greece, Cumbria, Norway, and Ireland, plus music by Johannes Brahms and Harper Tasche.

Small Harp Keeping Warm

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Beautiful original music, arranged for 26-string harp, from the recording Bringing It Home. There are no accidentals.

Small Harp Taking it Easy

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Volume 5 in Harper Tasche's series for 26-string harp, this collection is arranged especially for less advanced players. These beautiful new settings of various traditional tunes are all featured on Harper's CD "Keepsake" exactly as written.

Small Harp Visiting Friends

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Volume 4 in the "Small Harp" series for 26-string harp with no levers required. This book includes music from four of the composer's recordings.

Small Harp Watching Stars

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Designed and written for a 26-string harp without sharping levers. This is music from the composer's recording Open to the North.

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