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22 Carols for 22 Strings

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Modern and traditional harmonies, all songs written in the keys of C and G, so they can be played on a C-C lap harp or G-G. Arrangements work on the 26 string harp as well.  All well-known Christmas songs.

22 Favorite Hymns for 22 Strings

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A collection of tunes popular with some Christian traditions, written specifically for 22 string lap harp. May also be comfortably played on 26 string harp, such as the Dusty Strings Allegro and FH-26.

As Time Goes By

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS  A great tune that both you and your audience will enjoy. This 4-page standard from the movie, "Casablanca" has been carefully edited for lever harp.

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