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Alleluia from “Exsultate, Jubilate” by Mozart

ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.   For two harps, lever or pedal, this is a great recessional or encore number. It is a joyful and delightful melody that people love! Advanced intermediate with several lever changes, moves along quickly with the carefree energy of a happy, sixteen-year-old (the age of Mozart when he wrote it.) Score and both parts in one booklet, not a pullout.

Ash Grove – O’Meara

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.  Each performance level quality arrangement contains separate booklets for Harp I, Harp II, and score, with program notes on the history of the piece.


INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. A really beautiful arrangement of this piece with lovely harmonies.

Christmas Duets V 2

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.  These harmonically rich and rhythmically interesting duets have been performed by harp ensembles for many years.

Emperor Waltz – Strauss

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. A stunning duet arrangement of one of the most elegant Strauss waltzes. Two versions are included, one for two pedal harps one for two lever harps. The versions only differ in the pedal/lever markings and an occasional harmony note. Performance time is ten minutes, however the outline of the piece in the back of the book allows the performers to see how they could shorten it.  INTERMEDIATE ALL HARPS.

Melodies of the Spirit

LOWER INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. A duet medley of favorite Spiritual, Gospel, and Campfire melodies.

Miniature Suite (Hp Duo) (Cameron) – O’Meara

LOWER INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.  Original themes by William Cameron have been arranged as duets for lever or pedal harp. Score and two harp parts. William Truesdale Cameron (1906 - 1977) was a well-known harpist in Washington, where he was a teacher, solo artist, composer for the harp, and founder and director of the National Capital Harp Ensemble. For 30 years he was solo harpist with the U.S. Navy Band in Washington, and traveled more than 300,000 miles with the band throughout North and South America. Besides his many compositions for solo harp and ensemble, he wrote a Concerto for Harp and Orchestra which was performed in the United States and in Portugal. He also wrote a march for concert band, and recorded a number of his original compositions on albums. Mr. Cameron last performed on the harp in Washington in June 1975.

Morrison’s Jig

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS.  Fun arrangement with play between both parts, lots of eighth notes and energy.

Ode To Joy – O’Meara

LOWER INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. An impressive, 6-minute performance arrangement containing separate booklets for Harp I, Harp II, and score, with program notes on the history of the piece.

Serenata (Toselli) Duet – O’Meara

INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS. This Italian sounding Serenata has become one of the most recorded melodies in popular music.

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