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Come Thou Fount – Ohms

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.   A refreshing new version of an old standard. Very interesting sound.

Faith of Our Fathers – Ohms

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.   Interesting revision of a beloved hymn. Simple introduction, arpeggiated left hand, single note melody.

Journey to the Cross

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Journey to the Cross by Pam Ohms is a group of hymns and originals, arranged in Pam Ohms' reverent and improvisational way.

Praise Ye the Lord – Ohms

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Well done with introduction, interludes, and a beautiful ending. Single note right hand lines, arpeggiated bass, a few chords.

Remember Me

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.   A very beautiful three-page melody in D minor, lowest note is F. In ¾ with an easy rocking left hand pattern, right hand plays mostly single notes with a few 3-note rolled chords.

Saviour, Like a Shepherd – Ohms

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.   Beautiful, simple introductory motif that returns at the end. Left hand is mostly arpeggiated, very harpistic.

This is My Father’s World

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.    A very beautiful 3-page improvisational version of this tune, “Terra Beata” which is an old English melody. Unusual minor chords make this a unique and compelling arrangement.

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