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Drewrie’s Accordes

MIXED LEVEL DUO or TRIO, ALL HARPS + TREBLE INSTRUMENTS. Lutenist Jane Pickering was associated with the court of Henry, Prince of Wales. This piece is from her notebook. Lutenist Jane Pickering was associated with the court of Henry, Prince of Wales. This piece is from her notebook. Arranged in several ways for harps in various combinations: HARP DUET with 2 equally challenging parts; HARP TRIO with harps 1 and 2 in treble clef only, with some lever changes, and harp 3 as a two- handed "accompaniment" part. A score is also included for study or conducting. DUET FOR HARP AND OTHER TREBLE INSTRUMENT (i.e. flute, violin or recorder), for pedal or lever harp. The Harp 1 part from the Trio version may also be used as the solo instrument with this version. The music assumes the range of the harp to be from C below middle C to the C

English Country Dances

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    A collection of 21 early Baroque English dance tunes by John Playford with guitar chords.

Four Variations on Auld Lang Syne

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Four variations on this Scottish tune in the key of D.

Sheep May Safely Graze Ensemble

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS (4/5 parts) For four or five lever or pedal harps or mixed ensemble, this lovely aria has been arranged for four harps with an optional fifth part which plays only chords.

Sleepers Awake – Tepper

ALL LEVELS DUO or TRIO, ALL HARPS + ENSEMBLE Can be used for lever or pedal harp trio, lever or pedal harp trio with violin and cello, pedal and lever harp duet, or trio for two harps and cello or violin.

The Harper’s Accomplice

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + C INSTRUMENT   17th and 18th century English country dances and waltzes with guitar chords for harp and recorder or other melody line instrument  (or tenor recorder, melodica, violin or flute). Revised 2014. Table of Contents: Auretti's Dutch Skipper - key of C Drive the Cold Winter Away - key of C Southwind - key of G St. Margaret's Hill - key of C Waterfall - key of D Well Hall - key of F St. Martin's Lane - key of Am Red House - key of G Draper's Gardens - key of G Valentine's Day - key of C Irish Lamentations - key of G Star of the County Down - key of Am Goddesses - key of Am

The Harper’s Accomplice Gets the Lute

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Another collection of fine historical music edited by Ellen Tepper.  This collection consists of 17th C Lute music by Nicolas Vallet.

The Harper’s Accomplice Plays A Round

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. Also titled "Rounds for Young Harpists and Harp Circles". Sixteen easy and fun rounds presented artistically.

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