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Bochsa Revisited (LEVER VERSION) 40 Easy Etudes V 1

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED -  Adapted specifically for LEVER HARP. For best results, the harp needs to be tuned to the key of Eb (Bb, Eb, and Ab). The intended range is five octaves or 36 strings, although can be modified for a smaller range.

Bochsa Revisited (Pedal Version) V 1

PEDAL HARP INTERMEDIATE - Bochsa's 40 easy etudes have been the backbone of harp technique since they were written nearly 200 years ago. Combined with variations, pedal changes and technical tips, this is sure to be a fundamental resource for learning and refining harp technique.

Danses Sacree and Profane (annotated Swanson)

ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP. Mr. Swanson compared the Renie version to the original manuscript in the National Library of France. While preserving virtually all of the editing that Renie made to the chromatic harp part, Mr. Swanson found that Mme Renie altered many of Debussy's musical indications and changed some of Debussy's notes to harmonics which have been changed back for this edition.

Faure/Swanson: Impromptu & Une chatelaine en sa tour

UPPER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED, PEDAL HARP. New engravings that blow away the cobwebs and shine a bright new light on two significant pieces in harp repertoire.

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