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Chanukah Music for All Harps

EASY TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This book can be used by all musicians: pianists, harpists, and melody line instruments.  Chords are provided.  There are two versions of each tune, easy and intermediate. The easier version is on the left side, making it convenient for a flute or violin player to share the music. Chords are very helpful for anyone wishing to improvise over the melody. Melodies are lovely, especially Rock of Ages, which is not the standard one you are used to hearing.  Ner Li is also a very beautiful melody. EASY TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Table of Contents: Blessings Over the Candles, Chanukah, Chanukah, Chanukah O Chanukah, Hanerot Halalu, Hatikvah, I Have a Little Dreydl, Ma'oz Tsur, Mi Y'Malel, My Dreydl, Ner Li, Rock of Ages, Sevivon, Yodim Atem

Eastern European Folksongs

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP.  Contains: Silent Falls the Gentle Dew, I See You, My Beloved, If I Were a Dove, I Would Fly to You, The Nightingale Came Flying, Maria Walks along the Shore

Hanukkah Melodies for Harp

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - Five new arrangements to keep your repertoire fresh.

Jewish Traditional Music

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP. Thirty Jewish melodies ranging from sacree to lively dance music.

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Jewish Wedding Music V 3

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Classic melodies contemporary songs that can be played for almost any occasion. Volumes 1 and 2 are no longer available.

Mélodies Hébraïques

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Well-arranged, uses some tympanic sounds, simple to moderate arpeggios and some octave melodies in the right hand.

Psalms of David

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Ten melodies inspired by the Psalms, arranged in an improvisatory and gentle style, for harps with or without pedals.

Rhapsody on a Hebrew Love Song

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Beautiful flowing feeling, upper intermediate, key of Gb, meter changes, lots of arpeggiated runs, a few accidentals, glisses, contrasting middle section.

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