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Wishing You Well (single strung)

These 16 arrangements are from Verlene's Wishing You Well CD, which is a collection of Celtic and other soothing tunes that she plays on her double-strung harp for patients, visitors, and staff at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. This edition of the book is for single row lever or pedal harp. There is also a double-strung harp edition available for those who have double-strung harps of 29 or more strings per side. 66 pages

Wondrous Rivers and Viewpoints

EARLY ADVANCED, ALL HARPS.  Traditional American shape note melody takes on a new shape with a strong syncopated rhythmic pulse.

World of the Harp Bk 3

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ALL HARPS  This 24-page book contains lovely originals and arrangements of traditional familiar melodies. They are excellent for students, and some could work for meditative purposes.

Yolanda Kondonassis Collection

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP. Transcriptions, Arrangements and Original Works for Harp by Yolanda Kondonassis A collection of over thirty harp solos.

Zarabanda (Turina)

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP. A beautiful pedal harp solo in the style of Spanish classical guitar. ADVANCED PEDAL HARP  Newly edited beautiful work in the style of classical guitar.  Very effective for harp.  Formerly published in Solos For The Harp Player.  A beautiful intermediate/advanced pedal harp solo in the style of Spanish classical guitar.

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