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Sonata in G Major CPE Bach

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP - a scholarly performance edition with critical commentary by Jane B. Weidensaul.

Sonata No. 1 in Bb (Dussek)

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP. A scholarly rendition of this Dussek (1760-1812) Sonata by Jane Weidensaul.

Terpsichore in Tandem

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Twenty melodies from the 1612 Terpsichore collection, arranged for lever harp solo or duo. A really wonderful collection of pieces that will take you back to the 1600's. You may feel like you have gone back in time!  See the table of contents in "more details".

The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Contains: Allegro Grazioso (Spring), Largo (Spring), Allegretto (Spring), Largo (Winter).

The Four Seasons Suite 2 (Vivaldi)

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Keys of Eb and F. Accidentals, moderate level. Table of Contents: Allegretto, Allegro, Adagio from Vivaldi Four Seasons

The King’s Delight

ADVANCED BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. Pieces from the earliest known extant piece of western music to the ballads and dances of the 17th C. There are country dances, folksongs, ballads and songs and dances from the royal courts and halls of Europe.

The Medieval Solo-Duo Book

INTERMEDIATE SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS   Contains popular melodies from the Medieval Periodt. Harp 1 is designed to be a complete solo arrangement while Harp 2 enhances the first part.

The Royale Harpist

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Contains Medieval and Renaissance Airs, Songs and Dances. The left hand uses open harmonies and single notes. Revised 2015

Toccata in Dm

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. The famous Phantom of the Opera organ piece, transcribed for lever (or pedal) harp. PDF download version.

Trois Sonates de Domenico Scarlatti

UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. Three sonatas containing techniques such as: grace notes, well written dynamic changes, accents, accidentals, fast moving scales, trills, cross overs and alternating melody lines.

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