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Come, Ye Sons of Art

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   A processional suite of six variations based on the 1694 Ode by Henry Purcell.  The main theme makes the perfect processional for weddings and other festive occasions.  The performer can choose which variations they prefer to lengthen the piece, or just play the theme with repeats. This is the digital download version.

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Comfort Music

ALL HARP INTERMEDIATE - Each title has a picture, historical explanation and interesting notes about the time period or the composer. A lovely collection, well edited. From ancient to modern time periods. The Golden Lyre of Apollo Lough Sheeling The King of Love My Shepherd Is Prison Song Barbara Allen La Folia Canon in D Sheep May Safely Graze David of the White Rock Menuet Le Retour Sonata in A Schubert's Lullaby Santa Lucia Star of the County Down Kathleen Mavourneen Boat Medley Spanish Romance Sakura The Sun Sets Behind the Forest America Detroit Blues Through the Mist

Concerto en si bemol (Bb Concerto)

LEVER HARP ADVANCED.  For full range lever harp tuned in Eb, upper intermediate to advanced. All melody notes and harmonies are intact as in the original and can be played with orchestra. Includes all three movements.  Performed by several at the Jakez Francois lever harp competition in France, very impressive!

Concerto in Bb (Handel) – Salzedo ed.

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP.   Full three-movement concerto for solo harp with cadenza.

Country Dance Tunes V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. 12 dance tunes from the mid 1600's to the mid 1700's. Intermediate level, with some accidentals. Each piece has a brief statement of its history.

Country Dance Tunes V 2

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. 15 dance tunes from the mid-1600s to the mid-1700s. Intermediate level, with some accidentals. Each piece has a brief statement of its history.


INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP.  A sought after pedal harp transcription of a 16th century dance from a collection of 70 lute pieces called "Le tresor d'Orphee: livre de tablature de luth".

Early Music for the Harp – Friou

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Contains a variety of songs and dances originally written in the twelfth through sixteenth centuries. The majority of pieces are drawn from medieval period and often existed in their original form as melody line only.

Easy Classics – Baroque Era

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP.  Larghetto by Handel, Les Sentimens by Couperin, Prelude in F by Bach, Minuet by Gluck and Le Tamborin by Rameau.

English Country Dances

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS    A collection of 21 early Baroque English dance tunes by John Playford with guitar chords.

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