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A Walk in the Mountains

Kathryn Cater, a marvelous harpist on both pedal and lever, is creative and exceptional as a composer of harp music. Titles are Up the Mountain Trail, Light Through the Trees, Huckleberries, Tickle Creek, Rain on the Lake, High Meadows, Fire Spell, Afterglow, The Stars Come Out, Sunrise on the Mountain. Inspired by Horton Pass, Wallowa … A Walk in the Mountains Read More »

A Walk in the Woods

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Delightful original solos, very creative and clever. Great for all harpists.


INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Lovely baroque and classical period pieces, transcribed and arranged for lever or pedal harp.

Caccini Ave Maria THREE VERSIONS

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP/LEVER HARP + MELODY INSTRUMENT. A beautiful and compelling duet for harp and melody instrument.This is a mature performance piece, so your soloist will easily be able to interpret their own phrasing. The harp part is 6 pages in length and spiral bound, melody part is a separate pullout page. Suitable to play in church settings, this evocative melody, believed to be written in the late 1500's, is not familiar as an Ave Maria, thus can be used for all occasions. Please choose from three versions. Pedal Harp, "original" version: Starts in A flat, modulates to B flat Contains both a clarinet solo part and a flute solo part. Lever Version: remains in G minor (2 flats) throughout. Violin Friendly Version: for pedal harp, starts in Gm and modulates to C

Enchanted Melodies for Two

LOWER INTERMEDIATE DUO, ALL HARPS   Eight enchanting duets, with a fantasy theme that includes mythical characters from different cultures around the globe. Melissa Seidel and I recorded this entire book a few years back - more than a few years back.  Kudos to Melissa - we were sightreading.  She is an excellent musician and is now an orchestra director at a Houston middle school!  We put the book into a pinterest pin here:

Forever In Love With Horses

EASY, ALL HARPS   Eight original compositions created especially for the young harp student with the goal of teaching good technique.

Grassy Fields

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE - for both lever and pedal harp with some adjustments for lever. Beautiful and inspiring, using harpistic styles.

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

UPPER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS  + TRIO  (hp/flute/violin) An outstanding trio of this beautiful hymn by William M. Runyan.

Harping Cats and Dogs

EASY, ALL HARPS   Eight original songs in a wide variety of moods and styles.

How Great Thou Art (Hp & Fl) – Cater

COLLECTION FOR BOTH PEDAL AND LEVER + FLUTE, UPPER INTERMEDIATE - Beautiful arrangement by Kathryn Cater, lush and compelling.

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