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Music Theory for the Awesome Harpist 1

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. An excellent resource. Great illustrations, well-thought out explanations. Designed to teach the basics of music theory to beginning students.

Plucky Bunny’s Silly Staff Songs

ALL HARPS EASY - An innovative series designed for young students and for elementary aged students who need a little extra entertainment and support.

Pocket Guide to Harp Composing

INSTRUCTION MANUAL   This concise, non-technical manual has been written as an aid to composers who wish to write for the harp but are unfamiliar with its capabilities.

Quick Chord and Scale Chart PDF

ALL HARPS, ALL LEVELS. This easy-to-read chord and scale chart by Sylvia Woods has everything you need for quick reference. Concise and complete, no musician should be without one!

Rainbow of Sound Series V 5

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. A beginning harp series of books for all ages, but most fascinating to youngsters.  Beautiful covers, stories, and songs. Book 5 begins the teaching of improvisation.

Rhythm Cue Card

EASY, ALL HARPS. Provides a chart of note values, subdivisions, rhythm concepts, and meters. Table of Contents: Basic Note Values, Odd Subdivisions, Dotted Notes, Common Subdivisions, Meter, Compound Meter, Common Dotted Note Subdivisions

Rhythm Matters

INSTRUCTION MANUAL. If you already know how to count music, this book is not for you.  It's for beginning harpers (or beginning players on ANY instrument) who have not played music before.  Or who have difficulties with certain rhythms and need help figuring them out.

The Creative Harpist

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This revised book combines three of Ms. Trotter's popular books:  Getting Started in Pop Harp, The Creative Folk Harpist, and Let's Play Country Harp.

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The Jazz Chord Finder

This packet is a resource for finding out what notes are in each jazz chord. This packet includes a chart with all the scale degrees, plus accidentals in each key, plus transparent grids to find the chords. Instructions are also included. ($7.00)

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