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Cool Chords and Groovy Rhythms

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Arranging for lever harp in modern styles. This book covers the cool chords that go "beyond and between" the triads used in traditional styles of music, and modern rhythms that "groove". The minimal chord in jazz is made of four tones - usually a seventh chord, such as Cmaj7, Dm7, and G7. These are used extensively in pop as well. But beyond the 7's are 9's, 11's, sus4's and 13's that can add even more of a modern jazzy sound to any melody. The rhythms used in modern styles vary from syncopated rhythms to "swing eighths" to a rockin' "four on the floor". Jazz introduces the element of swing, and the Brazilian influence within the jazz genre brings us straight eighths with lots of syncopation. Exercises, examples, and assignments are given for each element presented in order to provide the tools for making modern-sounding arrangements using popular

Effortless Glissing

INSTRUCTION BOOK. This book helps you not only to figure out glissandi, but helps you to understand the theoretical concept.

First Steps to Harp Improvisation

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Whether compositions are written according to style and form, or consist of random chords, arpeggios or glissandos, it is possible to be harmonious and effective with the help of this publication.

Harmony Singing V 1

Also titled "How to sing harmonies off the top of your head". A companion CD with 42 exercises, songs, and quizzes is also included. Verlene Schermer has drawn upon her years of teaching private students and presenting workshops and classes to shape the contents of this book.

Harp Accompaniment for Vocals

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Designed to provide information helpful in creating accompaniment patterns on the harp for voice or other melody instruments.

Harp Newbies Tune Book, Level 1

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS. The Harp Newbies series includes three books for each level to develop skills in music reading, technique, and theory. This tune book has two other titles recommended to build skills: The Lesson Book, Level 1, SKU 80446, and The Activities Book, Level 1, SKU 80450.

Harping on Theory – revised

ADVANCED BEGINNER, ALL HARPS   An illustrated theory book designed for all lever harpists, this book starts with music reading tips and includes basic rhythms, intervals, tuning by ear, finger shapes, major and minor key signatures, minor scales, triads, and a discussion on tuning your harp in Eb. Includes write-in exercises.

Harping on Theory V 2

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS   Subtitled "The Lone Arranger" - The author shows us practical application of the elements of theory!

Hymns & Harmony

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS.  One hundred hymn tunes in lead sheet format, edited for both lever and pedal harp. We have gotten so many compliments on the layout of this book. Some people have even ordered multiple copies.

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Jazz Theory for Harpists Workbook I

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Cindy Horstman has written a jazz theory book designed for harpists to incorporate a jazz style into their playing.

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