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Hands Upon the Harp

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS   A book of etudes introducing and reinforcing technical skills, filled with valuable placing techniques that help you to learn to phrase. A book of etudes introducing and reinforcing technical skills, filled with valuable placing techniques that help you to learn to phrase. In addition to basic harp technique, an overview of the Greek modes is presented. Every piece in this book is identified by mode so that the student may become familiar with the unique sound of each. EASY and for all halps. Table of Contents: Marching Along, Music Alone Shall Live, Sail Away, Lotus Blossoms, The Adventure, Two-Finger Chase, Moonlight, Noel de Provence, Soaring Seagulls, Towering Cliffs, Bamboo Wind, First Light, Stairs, Winter Rain, Come Follow Me!, The Magic Echo, Finnish Waltz, Butterfly Dance, Come to the Fair!, Nobilis Humilis, My roving Galway Boy, Riding the Ferris Wheel, The Wish, The Hands of the Harper, The

Harp in Hand Companion

INSTRUCTION MANUAL. This book can be used in conjunction with the book "Harp in Hand" by Cindy Kleinstuber or as a stand-alone book of exercises and harp pieces designed to further your study of, and increase your level of comfort with harp fingerings.

Harp Smart

BEGINNER TO LOW INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Harp Smart takes harpists through the beginning stages of learning to play lever or pedal harps. With its finger-by-finger approach, this book using fun well-known and original pieces plus exercises to build both your repertoire and your agility. In this 33 page book you will find a wide array of exercises for the very beginning harpist to the lower intermediate player. The exercises cover many techniques found in harp repertoire, and the book will last throughout the beginning stages of your harp lessons. Excellent exercises for all stages of harp learning! Each title can be worked on for several weeks to build technique, and will also serve as a beautiful solo. Clear notation and fingering. Some titles: Blow the Man Down, In the Good Old Summertime, Kabalevsky Toccata, Jupiter Theme, Lark in the Morning, Great Gate of Kiev, and more.

Harpist’s Guide to Glisses

INTERMEDIATE, PEDAL HARP. Over 300 pedal charts for glissandos in different keys!

Harpists’ Daily Dozen

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Twelve exercises for all harpists with the exception of beginners.

Latin American Harps – History, Music and Techniques

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. Written with all harpists and harpers in mind -- pedal and non-pedal, beginner or advanced, student or professional. Includes information on the harps of Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador and Chile, and special techniques. Songs are El Pajaro Campana, Una Luz en el Mar Llano, Ecuador, La Guabina, Llano, Atardecer, El Rio, Seis por Derecho, Pasaje numero uno, Colorado, 18 de Octubre, 3 de Mayo, Che valle mi Yaguaron, more. INTERMEDIATE LEVER Table of Contents: Seis por derecho, Llano (plains), Pasaje número uno, El río (The River), Una luz en el mar (A Light in the Sea), Atardecer (Sunset), Theme from "Suite to Luzma", 18 de octubre, Che valle mi Yaguarón, 3 de Mayo, Colorado, Nda recoi la culpa (It's Not My Fault), Pájaro Campana (Blue Bird), Galopa from "Suite to Luzma", Ecuador, La Guabina.  

Lever Drill

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS    Looking for a low-pressure way of mastering lever changes? This book combines practicing lever changes with finger exercises.

Levers Up! Thumbs Up!

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, LEVER HARPS. A lever harp version of the very excellent book, Thumbs Up!, written for beginning adults and college-level students who read music.

Method for the Harp

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP. Since 1929 this book has been a standard method book for pedal harp students of all methods of playing. Contains fundamental pedal harp exercises with illustrations and technical explanations.  It is not technically a method book, but a reference book.

Modern Study of the Harp

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP.   For beginning to master pedal harpists, studies to improve phrasing, knowledge of chords, harmonic tones, and logical knowledge of fingerings and various tone-effects.

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