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Complete Method for Harp by Henriette Renie

PEDAL HARP BEGINNING TO ADVANCED This complete method for harp by Henriette Renie was translated to English by Geraldine Ruegg.  It is 224 pages and consists of both parts of her method.  (Some editions are available as book 1 and book 2.) It is a thorough book with references to passages of many of the virtuoso harp repertoire pieces. It is a superb method with illustrations and detailed explanations.  The book offers a full technique and a syntax-appendix. From the very beginning, this method shows: how to tune a harp, how to use pedals, how to position yourself (with illustrations and comments). Although the method starts at the beginning, it progresses and quickly becomes advanced, as you will see by the examples.  This book also highlights trills, tremolos, crossing hands, and many more technical aspects of the standard virtuoso repertoire. If you want to master the instrument, Renie's method will

Conditioning Exercises

BEGINNER TO ADVANCED, ALL HARPS.  Designed to be practiced in various degrees of speed and strength, and exclusively in the key of C major.

Cool Chords and Groovy Rhythms

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Arranging for lever harp in modern styles. This book covers the cool chords that go "beyond and between" the triads used in traditional styles of music, and modern rhythms that "groove". The minimal chord in jazz is made of four tones - usually a seventh chord, such as Cmaj7, Dm7, and G7. These are used extensively in pop as well. But beyond the 7's are 9's, 11's, sus4's and 13's that can add even more of a modern jazzy sound to any melody. The rhythms used in modern styles vary from syncopated rhythms to "swing eighths" to a rockin' "four on the floor". Jazz introduces the element of swing, and the Brazilian influence within the jazz genre brings us straight eighths with lots of syncopation. Exercises, examples, and assignments are given for each element presented in order to provide the tools for making modern-sounding arrangements using popular

Dancing Lambs Solo – Les Agneaux Dansent

EASY, ALL HARPS. A lovely, early solo that contains one fixed accidental, one ending glissando, fingerings, placing brackets. Key of F.

Dexterity Exercises for Celtic Music

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  In this book you'll find 2 and 1/2 pages of important ideas and concepts, followed by over 20 pages of exercises and tunes.  There are scales, portions of scales, 2- and 3-note exercises, and more.

Dragons and Dinosaurs

BEGINNER DUO, ALL HARPS   Here’s a book that will inspire and delight both student and teacher!! COOL CONCEPT! There are pictures that can be colored in, and very easy songs (with words) revolving around the ever popular dragon and dinosaur idea.

Early English Pieces – Lawrence

EASY, ALL HARPS.  Seven beginner pieces for the pedal harp or 36-string lever harp.

Early French Pieces

EASY TO LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Ten beginner/lower intermediate pieces for the pedal harp or 36-string lever harp. Music is in the keys of C, G, D, A, and F. Table of Contents: Les Fifres (Dandrieu), Musette (Couppey), Le Colin Maillard (d'Agincourt), Minuet (Lully), Carnival (Couperin), Les Moissonneurs (Couperin), Tambourin (Daquin), Dance (Rameau), Gavotte in Rondo Form (Dandrieu), La Confession (Corrette)

Early German Pieces – Lawrence

LOWER INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  Eight beginner/lower intermediate pieces for the pedal harp or 36-string lever harp. Music is in the keys of C, G, D, and F. Table of Contents: Allegro (Haydn), Country Waltz (Haydn), Song (C.Ph.E. Bach), German Dance (Beethoven), German Dance (Beethoven), Passepied (Handel), Minuet (Leopold Mozart), Musette (J.S. Bach),

Easy Classical Pieces

EASY, ALL HARPS.   Well thought out arrangements that are easy and interesting to play.  Creative, work very well on harp, but with a guitar-type flair. See You Tubes below!

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