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Blazing Pedals V 2

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP.  A guide for harpists learning harmony necessary to play from lead sheets. Provides a systematic approach to identifying diatonic intervals occurring automatically on the harp.

Bochsa Revisited (LEVER VERSION) 40 Easy Etudes V 1

LOWER INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED -  Adapted specifically for LEVER HARP. For best results, the harp needs to be tuned to the key of Eb (Bb, Eb, and Ab). The intended range is five octaves or 36 strings, although can be modified for a smaller range.

Bochsa Revisited (Pedal Version) V 1

PEDAL HARP INTERMEDIATE - Bochsa's 40 easy etudes have been the backbone of harp technique since they were written nearly 200 years ago. Combined with variations, pedal changes and technical tips, this is sure to be a fundamental resource for learning and refining harp technique.

Building Technique Bk 2

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS.  This book concentrates on learning fingering patterns, strengthening the fingers, developing finger independence and coordination, understanding chord spacing, and more.

Building Technique Bk I

EASY, ALL HARPS.  Mostly beginning techniques, with some advanced. There are 2, 3, and 4-finger warm-ups, chord warm-ups, finger independence with 3-note chords, slides and 4-finger workouts.


ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. A series of 15 progressive exercises for all harps.

Cinq Petits Preludes Intimes

UPPER INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP.  For solo pedal harp, this is standard teaching repertoire for Salzedo method students.  There are 5 titles:  Tenderly Emoted, Dreamingly, Profoundly Peaceful, In Self-Communion, and Procession-Like.

Clever Levers

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Clever Levers book by Ray Pool is a compilation of thirteen harmonic elements fully explained in the key of C major. Each element is then used in the second section of the book in each of 6 keys. This is the PDF download version.

Colorful Adventures on the Harp

EASY, ALL HARPS. This book presents a marvelous concept because the C'sand F's are printed as red and blue notes on the paper. Songs are fun for students, presented in logical, progressive order.

Come, Come Ye Saints

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS. A collection of fifty hymns of The Church Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon faith).

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