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Technique At Your Fingertips Bk 5

BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. "Technique at Your Fingertips" is a series for introducing harp to adult beginners. Book 5 accompanies "Classics at Your Fingertips" Book 5 (SKU 850935) which focuses on introducing scales, rolled chords, finger independence, trills and arpeggios, etc.

The Creative Harpist

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This revised book combines three of Ms. Trotter's popular books:  Getting Started in Pop Harp, The Creative Folk Harpist, and Let's Play Country Harp.

The Enchanted Harp

EASY SOLO or DUO, ALL HARPS. Ten short and easy descriptive pieces for pedal harp or lever harp, with supplements for a second harp. Lever changes are present in Seven Dwarfs and The Princess on the Glass Hill.

The Enchanted Village Ensemble Book

ALL HARPS EASY ENSEMBLE The Enchanted Village was a real place where Jenkins lived. Her harp studio entrance was a world of tinkling wind chimes, tweeting birds, a bubbling fountain, and the sounds of the lake just steps away. This book is inspired by those students at that point in time.

The First Day of Spring

EASY, ALL HARPS. Subtitled "A Collection of Three Pretty Little Triad Pieces", these melodies are well-marked, easy to read, and are excellent teaching pieces for the harp.

The Harpers Coloring Book

ALL HARPS BEGINNER - Eight easy and delightful songs with pictures for the young and young at heart.

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The Jazz Chord Finder

This packet is a resource for finding out what notes are in each jazz chord. This packet includes a chart with all the scale degrees, plus accidentals in each key, plus transparent grids to find the chords. Instructions are also included. ($7.00)

The Sing-Along Harper

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS + VOICE. Verlene Schermer’s The Sing- Along Harper will give you tools to play along with singers and other instrumentalists without needing to read and memorize music!

The Treble Harpist

BEGINNER, ALL HARPS.  The Treble Harpist book by Ray Pool is an introduction to music on the harp using the treble clef only. Intended for the adult beginner who has come to the study of music for the first time, or those with previous musical experience on another instrument and can read the notes of the treble clef.

Thirty Little Classics

INTERMEDIATE PEDAL HARP. This book is a tried and true collection of 30 excellent teaching songs. It has been used by teachers for many years.

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