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The Mythic Harp

This exciting book is filled with myths, stories, pictures and music that best describe the timeless magic and allure of this very ancient and noble instrument.

The Silver Lyre

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS + MED. VOICE. New Music for a Mesopotamian Lyre

The Sing-Along Harper

ALL LEVELS, ALL HARPS + VOICE. Verlene Schermer’s The Sing- Along Harper will give you tools to play along with singers and other instrumentalists without needing to read and memorize music!

Trouble Shooting Your Lever Harp

A manual intended to help harp owners evaluate and correct minor problems with their instruments and understand major problems which may need professional repair.

Vocal Mechanics A Look Under the Hood

A how-to book for anyone wanting to improve singing technique. It includes a CD of vocal warm-ups.

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