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Quick Gliss Chart PDF SW

ALL LEVELS, PEDAL HARP. These charts list the most common pedal diagrams for  each glissando. Other pedal configurations may be possible using enharmonics.

Teaching the Lever Harp

A compilation of ideas, suggestions, and helpful hints from experienced harp teachers. Contributors to this book included Stephanie Curcio, Sue Richards, Kim Robertson, Ellen Tepper, Derek Bell, Liz Cifani, Wendy Kerner Lucas, Louise Trotter, and many more. This is the PDF download version.

The Chaucer Songbook

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS   Anyone needing information or reference guides for a presentation on Chaucer and the Harp in the Fourteenth Century will find it here!

The Creative Harpist

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. This revised book combines three of Ms. Trotter's popular books:  Getting Started in Pop Harp, The Creative Folk Harpist, and Let's Play Country Harp.

The Gift of Healing Modes

INSTRUCTION BOOK. An unprecedented perspective on the healing nature of Western modes, The Gift of Healing Modes empowers the musician with seven clear and distinct scales each with their own unlimited shades of musical color.

The Harpers Coloring Book

ALL HARPS BEGINNER - Eight easy and delightful songs with pictures for the young and young at heart.

The Harpist’s Complete Wedding Guide

This comprehensive, 115-page book provides twelve chapters of valuable information for both the student and professional harpist who performs for pay at weddings. Topics include contracts, bookkeeping, pricing, selecting repertoire, an in-depth explanation of various religious ceremonies.

The Healer’s Way Companion V 1

INTERMEDIATE, ALL HARPS. Print version of the scores from the popular recording, The Healer’s Way Volume I -- Soothing Music for Those in Pain.

The Healer’s Way Companion V 2

INSTRUCTION BOOK   This instructional book is used as a way to help fight anxiety through music. This book includes music from Benson's CD The Healer's Way, Volume II -- Calming Music for Anxiety, plus different methods to approach healing through music.

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The Healing Musician

REFERENCE BOOK. This guide is for anyone who wants to play live music to the ailing at the bedside. It takes the reader into the world of comfort care, illustrates what musical instruments are appropriate, suggests how to use the major principles of music: rhythm, harmony and melody.

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