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Medieval Songs & Dances V 2

INTERMEDIATE, ALL MELODY INSTRUMENTS  This book is a collection of Medieval monophonic arrangements in "fake book" format for amateur or professional musicians intent on getting started in Medieval music. Cantiga de S. Maria #018 (Por nos de dulta tirar) Cantiga de S. Maria #029 (Nas mentes senpre ter) Cantiga de S. Maria #037 (Miragres fremosos) Cantiga de S. Maria #077 (Da que Deus Mamou) Cantiga de S. Maria #100 (Santa Maria Strela do dia) Cantiga de S. Maria #119 (Como Somos) Cantiga de S. Maria #139 (Maravillosos e pieadosos) Cantiga de S. Maria #159 (Non Sofre) Cantiga de S. Maria #160 (Quen bõo dona querrá) Cantiga de S. Maria #167 (Quen quer que na Virgen fia) Cantiga de S. Maria #189 (Ben Pode Santa Maria) Cantiga de S. Maria #213 (Quen serve Santa Maria) Cantiga de S. Maria #226 (Assi Pod’a Virgen) Cantiga de S. Maria #333 (Connosçudamente Mostre Miragres) 

Method for the Harp

ADVANCED PEDAL HARP. Since 1929 this book has been a standard method book for pedal harp students of all methods of playing. Contains fundamental pedal harp exercises with illustrations and technical explanations.  It is not technically a method book, but a reference book.

Musician’s Practice Planner

The Musician’s Practice Planner is a weekly lesson planner for music students and professionals. It helps to keep goals in focus, helping to attain them.

On Playing the Harp 2nd Edition

MIXED LEVELS, ALL HARPS. A detailed and comprehensive treatise.

Play the Therapy Harp

INSTRUCTION BOOK   The term "therapy harp" is used to describe any small harp that is suitable for playing for therapeutic purposes for yourself or others. Laurie’s new book, "Play the Therapy Harp" is a combination of many modes of the beginning harp experience.

Pocket Guide to Harp Composing

INSTRUCTION MANUAL   This concise, non-technical manual has been written as an aid to composers who wish to write for the harp but are unfamiliar with its capabilities.

Pulling Strings

An exploration of the extraordinary career of Melville A. Clark (1883–1953), a musician, inventor, entrepreneur, community leader, and collector whose colorful story is largely unknown.

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